About Tehnosila

Tehnosila is a Russian retailer of electronics and household appliances. Since the early 2000s, it has been one of the three largest consumer electronics chains in Russian Federation. The headquarters is located in Moscow.

Project Goals

There was a problem in communication both between departments and between offices. In addition, employees drew attention to the problem in informing about the processes associated with the work of other departments. They wanted interactions between departments to be clearly regulated and shared communication cards. The cards had to contain:

  • contacts of departments
  • description of their functionality
  • contacts of department employees
  • information on personnel changes

Employees would like to receive information in full and in a timely manner, whether it is information about changing product lines or information about personnel changes.

The previous corporate portal was called extremely inconvenient due to technical problems and outdated design. The employees would like to see it brighter and more interesting: it was used as an archive of documents. Among the proposals for content were announced:

  • news about the life of the company
  • news from stores, announcements about the “Best employee of the month”
  • employee directory with contacts

3-in-1 corporate portal for Tehnosila:

  • Portal for employees
  • Portal for candidates
  • On-line training platform

Employee Portal

  • Access from any computer
  • Mobile browser version
  • Facebook-like employee profiles
  • Employee directory
  • Posting photo and video
  • Visual organizational chart
  • Video presentation about the company
  • Rich user-generated content
  • Comments & Likes on any news
  • Analytics on each piece of content
  • Surveys and competitions
  • Knowledge Base
  • Integration with ERP (1C Salary and Personnel management)
  • Roombooking

Portal For Candidates

  • Visual and Compelling Company Information
  • Video presentation of company’s vacancies
  • Candidate FAQ
  • Digital application to a vacancy
  • Easy applicant processing for recruiters
  • Automatic invitation to interviews

Learning & Development

  • Video courses that are created by employees and employees of the training department, based on the needs of the company
  • Video courses and useful information from external sources
  • Learning Dashboard and Ratings
  • Knowledge Base of Learning Materials
  • Online Collaboration during education process

Community Branding

The core problem when designing UI/UX of such corporate portal is keeping balance between beauty and convenience of user interface due to restrictions of a selected digital workspace platform. And there will always be some limitations, believe us :). So thus it should be discussed between management and product developers in advance. ANROM has developed our own iterative UI/UX approach for intranet branding to ensure customer’s digital workplace will both look&feel great for users and that it doesn’t cost a fortune to implement and maintain such a piece of intranet-art.

Intranet portal is more than a picture!

Together with the customer we should carefully plan and design core branding elements of the community.

Core branding elements
  • Navigation
  • Functionality
  • Search
  • Contents
  • Accessibility
  • Work Speed
  • Processes’ speeding up
  • Better attendance
  • More convenient support
  • Faster training
  • Bigger ROI

As a result, we get:

In case of Tehnosila, intranet UI was to be approved on executive level. The CEO and HR director of Tehnosila engaged London-based design agency, which had led total company’s rebranding before. Together with the design team we were moving along the UI/UX process described above. We’ve managed to achieve a good combination of usability, modern UI style, brand compliance, and reasonable implementation costs.

There were a few lessons learnt as well:

  • While rebranding, it is better to keep close to default digital workplace platform’s background color. That will save a lot of time to test new styling against different user views, especially analytical reports or other UI-heavy pages.
  • Sometimes trying to be pixel perfect may come at a price: much more time for development and even imposing security risks. To avoid that, there should be mutual trust and collaboration between designers, software developers and product owners.
Processes’ speeding up

Faster Training

Better Attendance

Bigger ROI

More Convenient Support

Mobile User Experience

For retail company like Tehnosila, it’s crucial to have mobile-friendly digital workplace. This is totally understandable, as majority of their employees work ‘in the fields’ or the stores to be exact. While top digital workplace/intranet platforms have mobile apps, there’s always a challenge to make such an app unique for a specific customer-company. Thus the only suitable option was to create mobile version of the intranet using responsive web design approach.

  • Keep UI simple to work with. Add spacing where possible to make it easily consumable. Don’t overload webpage with too much content in order to prevent user from time-consuming scrolling.
  • Use suitable color and texture. Manage attention flow using colors, light, contrast.
  • Take care of readability. Provide easy-readable content to simplify content-digestion for users.
  • Mind content priority. KPI on the homepage are usually a bit higher priority than birthdays. For some management folks at least :).









Tehnosila University

Employee learning and development is usually key for retail companies business’ specifics such as high staff turnover and frequently changing product range.

  • conduct training activities aimed at the mission of the company, its goals, and directly focused on developing professional skills of the employees
  • place training on programs and software so that employees can quickly enter the work process, quickly fulfill their duties
  • assign a mentor to show the other person how they work, or assign an employee to another employee
  • place knowledge of technology and products
  • place training section with a training schedule
  • conduct webinars

Retail Video Contests

Main purposes:

  • motivate best sellers in Tehnosila’s team to share their tips, tricks and knowledge
  • crowdsource creation of educational materials and corporate knowledge base

Typical contest mechanics is the following:

  • shoot a video with advice on a specific product category or sales
  • approach upload this video to the digital workplace
  • get as many likes as you can

It’s essential to have and support Tehnolisa’s customer service.

Includes the statistics and materials based on the information obtained by customer call center and buyer’s online feedback. Widgets placed on the customer service page allow to present collected data in easy readable visual form.

User Synchronization With 1C: Salary And Personnel Management

As digital workplace should serve as universal work hub, you can’t imagine it without actual data on each employee and their hierarchy. It’s also important to ensure automatic creation of profiles for newcomers and disabling ex-employees on a regular basis. For this purpose we have developed user synchronization tool to integrate Tehnosila’s digital workplace with 1C: Salary and Personnel Management. The tool uses XML-based input from 1C and transfers it to Jive-based intranet via its APIs.